Cookie Jar


Baked Fresh

Cookies and Cream

A delightful blend of classic flavors, this cookie features a soft vanilla base generously mixed with chunks of creamy, crunchy cookies and cream pieces. Each bite is a perfect balance of sweet and rich textures, topped with additional crushed cookies for that extra crunch. The ultimate treat for any cookies and cream lover.



Experience the nostalgic taste of campfire s’mores in a cookie. This treat features a soft, golden cookie base loaded with gooey marshmallow pieces, rich milk chocolate chunks, and bits of crunchy graham crackers. Each bite is a delightful blend of sweet, melty, and crunchy, capturing the essence of the classic s’mores in a deliciously convenient form.


Birthday Cake

Celebrate any day like it’s your birthday with this festive cookie! This soft, buttery cookie is packed with colorful rainbow sprinkles, both inside and out, ensuring a burst of color and fun in every bite. With a rich, vanilla flavor reminiscent of classic birthday cake, it’s the perfect treat to bring joy and a sense of celebration to your taste buds.

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